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Enjoy the Ride

If life is a race, where’s the finish and who we’re competing with? Is there a prize for first place or do we just reach the end a little quicker?

We’re just skimming the surface of life. Humans just aren’t designed to go that fast.

Soon or later we crash.

To cope with the speeding life, our bodies release chemicals that activate our adrenal glands, increase our heart rate and raise our blood pressure. These responses causes to grind our teeth, sleep poorly, crave fatty, and sugary food, get headaches, feel stressed, get sick more often, and lose our sex drive. And in the long-term, we’re in the fast lane to heart disease, sexual dysfunction, allergies, diabetes, bowel conditions, depression, anxiety, muscular pain, a lot of other stuff with names too long to remember.

But when we slow down, we discover that life has a natural pace, and it’s good. We get into a grove that’s always been there. Life becomes richer, more pleasurable, and more fulfilling. You may do a fewer things, but what we do, we do well.

We breathe.

When was the last time, you actually took time to breathe? Not just the shallow ticking over of your respiratory system but to really breathe? Taking a long slow breathe in to its comfortable conclusion and letting it all out and doing it again and again and again, until you’re flooded with calm.

So why haven’t we slowed down before. If you’re worried life will overtake you, you’re wrong.

Life is where you’re doing right now. So slow down and enjoy the ride


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