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Just One More Thing and I’ll Be Happy

Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.”
I agree with the second part.

Growing up in Canada (or any other first world country for that matter) I’ve always wondered what would make me happy?  I’d say on a general consensus, it would be: a mortgage-free home, a nice car, stylish clothes, freedom in one’s job and lifestyle, being fit, finding, falling & staying in love and a secure retirement.

Many people would argue that this is in fact, not a lot to ask for, nor is it hard to achieve if it is wanted bad enough.
I would tend to disagree.

When I wake up every morning, I quickly think of what I have to do for that day.

Go to work, hit the gym, reply to personal/business emails, visit clients, set up lunch meetings with clientele to discuss future growth and business opportunities, bring my dad a coffee at work or take my mom out for a snack during her break, watch a movie, go out for drinks or dessert with friends, read another chapter in a book, go for a walk and reflect back on the day before sleep.

Sounds pretty eventful, wouldn’t you think?
Once again, I would tend to disagree.

The life that most of us have in North America, including myself, disgusts me.
From the moment we arise, to the lingering moments before sleep, the predominant thoughts in our minds are: make money & be happy.
Everywhere I turn and open my eyes, I see constant thoughts being driven in my head.

Buy this car and your friends will be envious of you.  It’s only $499/month for a lease.

Wear this pair of jeans, and you will not be discretely ridiculed for not conforming to what is the fillet of fashion at this specific point in time.

Spend your ‘extra’ income on the latest electronics, clothes, body modifications, CDs, restaurants, and anything else the business world can muster to throw at consumers.  You aren’t cool, unless you have the newest products.

Find a beautiful and successful girl to fall in love with and marry.  Don’t forget to sign that prenup!

Make as much money as you can, in as little time as you can, because the more money you make, the quicker you will achieve happiness and prosperity.

I sit and think about what makes people in lesser-developed or developing countries happy and joyful, compared to us.

Is it the ability to feed and clothe their family, so that they are able to go another day without starving, as compared to simply being famished?

Is it the ability of being able to afford their simple medication to prevent diseases and ailments, that we ourselves, cannot even pronounce, nor know the effects of?

When did we as a society stop caring about what goes on a few thousand kilometres away from us, and only care about what goes on directly in front of our eyes?

And when the time comes that we DO decide to visit less developed destinations on a trip, what do we do?  We sit in our air-conditioned rooms, drinking unlimited amounts of alcoholic beverages, watching TV in different languages, sunbathing on beaches surrounded by English speaking employees and only venturing out into the strange and foreign world that surrounds the resort, with the assistance of a tour bus, making very specific and censored trips to places in which tourists WANT to see.

Who says this is the way to live life?

The developed world is populated by such evil, manipulating and heartless leeches that the end result, is them consuming whatever goodness exists inside the hearts of those who have not yet succumbed to this way of thinking.

And rest assured, eventually almost all of us fall victim to this.

Some just earlier than others.


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