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Be kind to your knees, you’ll miss them when they’re gone.

Changes that people go through in life, be it physical or mental are unreal when you see it first hand.

I mean it’s tough to see what you personally go through, cause it’s truly hard to pinpoint all the aspects in your own life and scrutinize everything on a personal level, but when you have the ability to view others, it’s pretty crazy to see all the metamorphosis they go through in what could be a few weeks or a few years.

Case in point.
Yesterday morning on my way to work at around 5am, taking the same route as everyday through downtown, I came to the intersection at College and Spadina. Just off the corner is The Comfort Zone which is a club that doubles as a dingy, dark and dirty after-hours ‘druggie’ club for people who have not yet finished their night of ecstasy, cocaine and ketamine partying, and want to extend their chemical pleasures to the brightness of day (When I was younger I used to frequent the club on weekends and am familiar with the environment and scene that it portrays).

The regulars were around the intersection. Homeless, druggies, alcoholics, taxi drivers and people waiting for the TTC, but one thing caught me off-guard.

There was a guy I recognized right away from my days of late-night clubbing a few years ago. Back when I knew him, he was perhaps one of the most well-dressed, social, friendly and confident people I knew. He was a great dancer, smooth-talker with the ladies and always had a drink in one hand, a smile plastered on his face and traces of white powder under his nose.
For lack of a better word, he was the shit.

When I saw him this time, he was a totally different person.
His clothes were all dirty and torn up, his eyes were so translucent and lifeless, he was unshaven and his hair messed up and he had some sort of weird jaw movement and occasional twitch with his eye.

He went from a Prince to a Pauper, in both appearance and mind-set.
Could it be the drugs and alcohol? Probably.
Could it go further that that? Most likely.

It’s surprising and sad at the same time, to see how someone can go from the king of the world to the exact opposite.
I’ve always had a sense of respect for people who were true to themselves, socially open and full of life.

I guess sometimes, life is artificial.


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