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Religion is good for people but at the same time it makes people become bad.
All the wars since ever, have been because of religion.
That’s why I don’t like religion.
I think religion can be good for education, but it can also be shit for many thing.
You need it, but at the same time, when you grow up, you need to get rid of it.

I always find that just dwelling on my thoughts, watching a film or hearing a song allows my mind to run wild.

Religion is a tough subject for me.
I was raised Catholic but after high school ended, I haven’t stepped into a church more than 2-3 times in my life.

I used to pray every night before going to bed, for so many years.
In fact, I used to believe that if I did not do the Sign of the Cross in a ‘perfect’ manner, my prayer wouldn’t have meaning and I would upset God.

Messed up, huh? I think I’m going to become bi-polar one day :p

Anyways, my point is this.
Why is it that individuals are so caught up in religion?

It gives then faith?
Something to hold on to?
A guide to follow during hardships in life?
Something that they follow, simply because they ‘should’?
Fear of what will happen in the afterlife?

Regardless, I see the point of life being simply to learn new things, meet new people and travel.
As long as you have a sense of respect for others, that is all that matters.

Believing in a higher power is one thing, but following doctrines and beliefs based on the writings of other normal people (just like yourself) is going too far.

On that note as well, Pope John Paul II is currently very sick and on the brink of death, I’m sure. I find it strange that others deify people, such as the Pope. He is human, just like you or I.

There is a higher power.
That’s it.

Nuns, popes, monks, saints, holy apparitions and anything of that matter have no sense of extreme importance.

People must learn that in order to achieve enlightenment, they must also be willing to come to grips with the difference between humanity and spirituality.


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